Seri Speak

Monday, August 20, 2012

Last week my studio was turned into an all-hours kitty hospital of sorts. My steadfast and whiskered coworker got himself a life-threatening case of FLUTD. He came into the studio as I finished a book cover, hung his head and cried. Off to the hospital we went. A week of invasive cat hell ensued. But he is home now and recovering! Thank you, Hancock Animal!

The hardest part of Seri's ordeal was encountering my human frustration with the animals I love: not being able to speak to them, especially in times of need. It would be my SUPERHERO POWER of choice. Interspecies communication is mind-bending and heart-melting when you think about it: To converse, we slowly construct a common language together with eye contact, voice, and patterns of touch. But there are moments of fear and heartbreak, when you would give anything to SPEAK CAT or RABBIT or DOG, just so you might explain. Luckily, after all he went through, Seri was still wagging his taped-up little tail when I sung to him from across the room. He was still speaking our "language" and that's the most humbling thing.

Do you and your pet have a "language" together?

Editor in chief:
 Ay! Get to work!

Hopefully he'll be back to his usual "wild foal" energy levels next week (thanks Boggy!) :

Yes. That IS a cat on a leash. 

Go Seri!


Mary Denos said...

Glad Seri's getting better!

posse said...

i'm so glad your kitty is feeling better!

Charla said...

Oh, no!! Poor little guy. I'm so glad he is doing better. My cat, a tortie named Emma, had a UTI three years ago and it was absolutely no fun for any of us. She's very vocal, though; she chirps, squeaks, and trills. When one of us speaks to her, she responds vocally. I've read that cats understand as much of our vocabulary as a two year-old child. I definitely think it's true!

Anna Alter said...

Poor kitty! I'm so glad he's on the mend.

Bob Logan said...

Beautiful cat! Hope he gets well soon!



Jessica Holly said...

I'm so glad he's ok! I think about that all the time. I feel like Watson and I have a little language too- but it's still frustrating!

ETCIllustration said...

Oh, Seri! Poor widdle buddy :( I'm glad he's on the mend. (That video is adorable, btw.)

Anonymous said...

What a scare! Glad to hear he's doing better :)

Mai Kemble said...

what a trooper of a kitty!! love the video and the pics! as far as languages between animals, I can totally relate to what you are saying as I've lost one puggy to illness and almost lost another at a different time- and they always told me immediately when it was serious. but they tell me other things, too... its the craziest thing but they all have within each animal a little person and a little voice.. and if we're lucky, we can hear it.
:) good for you for listening!! said...

Thanks Mom!

Thanks Posse :) He is!

Charla: that is an insane cat it and totally believable. Torties are so pretty. Glad Emma is recovered!

Thanks so much Anna, hope your own fur balls are doing well...

Hey Bob, thanks!!

Jess: I always wonder what their speaking would actually sound like. Watson-would he be a dignified little man or rough-and-rabble?

Thanks, Lady Ellen. Do you and Tibbs speak CAT?

Thanks so much JESH!! <3

MAI! LOVE it: "they all have within each animal a little person and a little voice.. and if we're lucky, we can hear it." <3

Kate said...

I'm glad that the pharaoh is on the mend and once again joining you in the studio. Much love to Seri!