Art Camp!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Greetings, friends. Hope you are enjoying your summer! Yes, it's slowed down over here on the bloggy. Life is moving fast, summer is speeding by like a cloud in the sky. Yesterday, I visited my friend Amanda's art class at camp in Brookline. Dotty came along, and we made our own imaginary friends (including necessary yarn leash for keeping track of them!) The building was beautiful, full of light, paint, and clay everywhere...It practically shouted: LET'S MAKE MAKE MAKE!

Elmer's 'n' spots!

A sampling of some great imaginary friends:

"Force Field" and his twin.

The Hannahs.

A whole party, ringleader named "Cute." There was also a "Snorkel" in the crowd.

We believe in imaginary friends!