Sojourner Truth Signing

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey friends! My book signing is taking place in back in my hometown this Saturday! For those of you who might be in the area, or who are planning on coming, here's the scoop:
March 24th @11am
The Alphabet Garden
132 Elm Street, Cheshire, CT 06410.

I hear the weather should be warm! Let's cross the fingers. I will be saying a few words about what it was like to illustrate Sojourner and handing out some coloring book pages for the children attending. I am feeling very grateful for this was wonderful getting to work here as a bookseller now to be returning for a visit like this! Many many thanks to Karlene Rearick :) and the lovely Alphabet Garden.

Daring To Be Spring!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

These little tulips are doing the best they can to affirm that yes, spring is on its way. My roomate graciously purchased this bit of spring for the kitchen table, despite our long and snowy crawl to the store to get them (and groceries). We laughed so hard when we put them there, while we jacked up the heat and put more socks on. March 21st is the official first day of spring! It's a hidden promise that can be counted on, despite the snow and no sun. Promises of this kind are secret and the best. They start as whispers.

Anne of Green Gables Final Art- READ Magazine

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New finish for Anne of Green Gables play excerpt in READ magazine! This will be the cover image for the play within the magazine. During this process, I learned so much ABOUT my process: the melding of the digital application with the paint. It's such a thrill to be learning and growing in how I do what I do. I also had a fantastic and short vacation on google images researching Anne's home, Prince Edward Island. I could explain the process for creating Anne art, but it might not be as exciting to all of you. So I will let old friend Cinnamon wrap it up!

Cinnamon Photoshop Tip #1 : Paint like it's not a screen, but a window you are looking into.