Illustration Friday: Camo

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here is my entry (click on it to enlarge!). It was a timely topic of the week, and evolved into a bit of a personal statement via character design. Here she is, "the rebel peace".

It was interesting doing this piece to answer my own question, "why do we wear the pattern of war in this country, so casually?" Her design was based on my impulse to create a character in the spirit of fearless innocence, wrapped in a flag of "camo", combative with a bugle and in attention-commanding colors, a mockery of the every day camo originally created in a palette, designed for hiding. She is on a flat backdrop of randomly placed media suggestions of violence, not only of war, but war on life within our own culture. In a way she was designed to be a herald of a sort of awakening, one that would call to question our reasons and motives for violence within our entertainment/media/culture. Thanks to my sisters for being an awesome sounding board for this project. Yeah 4 sisters!

Good news! My new work is all up now. It is in a temporary order for now, but feel free to check it out. Hope all is well on your end :) Have a good night.

New Work Up Soon!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

So it's a hazy day in Somerville. I am working on getting a load of a year's worth of new art up onto my agent's site, stay tuned. Hope June is treating you well <3

p.s. I received word that the work SHOULD be up by the end of tomorrow...6/28!