School Days

Monday, September 17, 2007

Crisp fall air...back to school feelings, layered from years past.
Here is a fast sketch for an interior drawing for a book I am working on with Little Brown,
100Days and 99Nights. Big sister and little brother are walking home from school...after a bit of trouble with the principal. Hope all is well on this beauuuutiful day.

iLove Picture Books! Hello MAC. Goodbye PC.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So remember all the overlapping projects and the crazy project schedule? Well, during the pinnacle (but conveniently at least a week before most due dates) my little HP PC decided to crash!

I managed to salvage all my files, sadly say goodbye (until I fix it someday) to my little laptop, and moved on to bigger and yes better things. I am now working on a new and monster-big iMAC. (well compared to my little laptop, it feels luxuriousy like I am swimming in space in Photoshop). So it was a little wake up call I suppose.

Here is a test with the built-in PhotoBooth application. Patrica Polacco makes some tasty tasty books.