Au revoir!

Monday, October 11, 2010

So I've gathered necessities (paper, chocolate, etc.) around me to hibernate and finish art for a number of book deadlines. We will be constructing (with the help of a contractor) my in-house studio at the same time too! It's gonna get wild!

There are some exciting outside-world events to pepper the worky weeks ahead. One: The Society of Illustrator's Original Art reception next week! It's a magical night bursting with original art from picture books of 2010/wine/cheese/publishing industry stuffed into two small rooms on East 63rd street. Come and see! Here's their FB event page. Grandma's Gloves made it in this year, thank you to the wonderful folks at Candlewick and the jury at the Society ;) Sidenote: my #1 NYC goal: find Madeline in Bemelman's mural at Bemelman's Bar.

Au revoir for now! I apologize in advance to the family, friends, grocers, pedestrians I come across in the meantime...I'll probably resemble a small hurricane.

Enjoy the rest of fall, soak it in!