Thursday, December 20, 2007

See, the snow is right up to the back door! It's been snowing so much before Christmas here, but the pre-Christmas snow still has that magic, I'm not grumbling yet. I am holiday-busy as I am sure we all are, so I am just popping in to wish everyone a beautiful Christmastime.

Today, I had a lot of fun with an old and dear friend from art school, Elizabeth, trudging through slush like twin eskimos (we are both on the short side with giant fur hoods and we laugh at pretty much everything) in search of a restaurant lunch together, which we were set on having (no matter what!) before we parted ways to our regions for the holiday.

By the time I braved the snow back up hill to home, my roomate, Jessica, an opera singer at the New England Conservatory, was waiting for me in her snowpants at the front door. So we got our artistic heads together and created Sal, the loveable snowman on a lawnchair in our tiny yard (he's named after our amiable landlord of course) and FYI: His mouth is made of Twizzlers. We played outside until it was dark. Here are some shots from the day. I am off to Connecticut for Christmas once again!

A beautiful Holiday and New Year to you <3

Silke's Pigeons

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey everyone! I have been busy away from the computer. Working on (stories, assignments, ideas), soaking in (new art, old and dear traditions, friends) and settling in (to winter) with sweaters and twinkle lights.

The Robert's Snowflake endeavor is ended as of Friday, and I got to stop by Grace Lin's for her end-of-snowflake party. Awesome people, awesome cookies (frosted dalmatians), and my first experience with the Wii!

So! Here is Silke on her pigeon high wire. I am still working on the lower portion (the city). Her name I gleaned from a customer conversation at the bookstore that I heard and quickly scribbled down on scrap paper. It is pronounced Sil-kuh, and it is German and is also common in places like Amsterdam and the likes. It's watercolor, pencil, and digital collage. The line is from a story that is waiting to be finished. She came right out of the paper. No other way to describe it.