My Little Girl

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's out! My Little Girl, by Tim McGraw & Tom Douglas, is twirling around on bookstore shelves!

Hello Carmine!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello! How are you today? It's almost dusk here. I have been away these past weeks, working on making my new apartment a home, befriending my new kitten, and working on picture books and some experimental pieces. And since I have last posted, Fall has come!

Fall is my favorite season, warm light inside, cool light outside. Have you ever taken a dusk-time walk? That is the best time to max out the cozy meter, you can peek in politely from your place on the sidewalk as you stroll, and see into warmly lit places throughout your neighborhood. When the sky reaches that deep inky indigo, it is so lovely to see warm orange window lights just pop pop pop out all over the places like little window constellations.

I digress, but I am totally infatuated with color right now. Dr. Ph Martin, thank you for your sumptuous bottles of it. Here is an experiment with them (and Photoshop, colored pencil and watercolor). Her name is Carmine, for my good luck color and for her nailpolish. Her painting soundtrack was the new Stars LP, Broken Social Scene's song 7/4 (Shoreline), and the Sound of Music soundtrack...Much of the initial vision I had for her was based on Brigadoon's costume design (1954 musical starring Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse- so good!)