OK, Spring! Let's do this thing.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A song that sounds like Spring: Waltz by Mother Falcon

It's here! It's officially here! In New England, we are clinging tightly to the hope of Spring! It comes after the longest, meanest winter I can remember. It wasn't so much the ferocity of it, but the length and the relentless pace of its storms. No sunshine for weeks, white on white. I heard a meteorologist explain that this pummeling-by-snowstorm all the way to the bitter end is the atmosphere's way of balancing out. But! No more snow talk! You know what Spring is? Brave. And so is color. We can help speed the new season in with pops of it...

A color CAN save you. Green always will.

Dear-to-my-heart Annie Moore of Candlewick lore, color-comrade, and writing partner with some brave green growing right out of her pocket!

I am convinced tubes of paint are magic charms. This particular shade of new-shoot green is my current color affair. It is also conveniently bottled as "April Green" by Dr. Ph Martin. #colorfever

Shimmering beetles at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

A little painted card by Emily in her favorite yellow!

Last snowstorm, I fought off Winter with a tube of aqua and some grocery store alstroemeria....

I think it's good to get brave and messy with color, paint with it, play in it, eat it, seek it out.  Let color remind you of the warm and bright days ahead of us... (even if it snows again!)

Happy Spring, ladies and gentlemen!