Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here's a quick little color vision I had to paint out before getting back to work! She came out of my chasing yellow all day and this song performed by the String Orchestra of New York City. She's named for Eleanor Parker: her well-known villainess role, her platinum blonde hair and austere little brows. The Baroness is gliding around in "Yellow Orange-15" Prismacolor taffeta, charcoal lashes, and a little peacock-ish crown. And now to stop playing and return to my assignments...! Today is so rich in color and inspiration–wishing you the same.

Chat with Chad

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If you'd like a little behind-the-scenes for Dotty, here's a link to my interview with Chad Beckerman, art director and designer for Dotty. It's part of his Interview Adventure Series with the artists and authors he's worked with, be sure to check them out. (Also make sure you watch the video of Werner Herzog reading Madeline! Sooooo silly)...Many thanks, CW! Happy weekend.

Dotty's here too!

An advanced copy of Dotty trotted over to my mailbox yesterday morning, courtesy of the wonderful team at Abrams. Thank you to Erica Perl for such a stellar story about imaginary friendships. These two books are very different in nature and voice, and I approached them from two different visual perspectives as well. It's so freeing to work in multiple styles and realms. Dotty's cover also sports a fancy shimmer with spot glitter on the jacket. Yes, glitter! It hits stores this August!

Grandma's Gloves is here!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Before we left for Easter in Connecticut, something was delivered to our door. It wasn't an Easter basket. It was a picture book! My first advance copy of Grandma's Gloves :

It will be out in stores this August. Let's have a party in a flower garden then!
Much gratitude to the excellent folks at Candlewick and to Ms. Cecil Castellucci for her beautiful story. Interior sneak peeks soon.