A Wonderful Thing.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm turning 30 (oomph) on Sunday. I was born in the heart of winter. I will be honest and tell you 29 has been hard. (I hear the 30's are a piece of cake! ;) But this year, friendship is what has pulled me back when I reached for it. I am learning too, that it is OK to reach for it. Does it make us grown-up to realize we're small? That it's ok to be vulnerable? That we can't do everything ourselves? That sometimes we need to rely on hearts around us...that it's an honor to rely on, and to be relied upon.

Friendship is the thing I am most grateful for as I come to the end of this decade. It is a deep treasure, right? To have one and to be one. To need one and to search for one. To find one and to become one. It's what can bloom between us in the heart of Winter, when we are not afraid to let it Spring. 

An enormous Happy 30th to my best childhood friend, Kay, today! (She goes over the hill first!)

Happy Valentine's.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beloved friends, family & readers, THANK YOU for your love through the years.  I'm shooting it right back to you (in creepy kitty form–remember him?). Don't forget, hugs sink extra deep today!

Love, Julia

Chronicle's "Watercolor" Collection

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hey, Tuesday! Interrupting fairy deadlines with a bit of news: I'm excited and honored to be included in this cheery collection of contemporary watercolorists. The book is beautifully designed and includes some of my esteemed favorites like Becca Statdlander, Sujean Rim, what company! Watercolor hits stores in April. Thanks to the fine folks at Chronicle, and author/curator Leslie Ann Dutcher.

Have a beautiful week, folks!