Nobody Knows a Rabbit's Nose

Sunday, July 17, 2011

To kick off National Rabbit Week, I want to introduce you to someone:

This is Cinnamon–a loyal rabbit with an old soul. If you called his name, he'd come running. He was as New England as bunnies come, straight from a farm hutch in Connecticut. We talked through a lot, nose to nose, on our tummies in the grass. A rabbit can be a refuge.

And so, his namesake lives on.

This poem, worn page scanned in by my dad, read aloud best by my mom, is from The Sleepy Book written by Margaret Wise Brown, and will always sound like bed time:


Sarah June said...

How sweet! I love that you made you're beloved pet your icon. My dog Sadie past away a few months ago, and she was a dear pet to me too. Since she's past, I've made her the subject of alot of my sketches. It's amazing how some pets just stay with you like that.

Sara said...

So sweet...I think I have to go kiss our Mr. Comfrey (dutchX house bunny) good night now. :)

Jessica Holly said...

That's probably the cutest Rabbit I've ever seen!

Mai Kemble said...

its nice to finally meet him ;)
he must have been truly unique!

Anna Alter said...

He does look like an old soul! What a sweet poem.