Dress Day #3: Evening With E.B.White

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

" Kitchen Table"
I hope you are enjoying some longggg and languid summer days. Today, I'm remembering the great literary voice, E.B. White. It was his birthday yesterday, which is funny timing for me after randomly reading Trumpet of the Swan last week after 18 years and now having begun my quest to read all things White.


I recently told my friend, Emily, about how I wish I could take vacations IN his books and she directed me to his grown-up works, like this quiet essay... Anyway, aren't we overdue for a dress day? These might be good ones to wear, if you were to head over to the Boston Common to catch Louis the Trumpeter Swan at his gig, crooning for a crowd on a summery birthday evening...

"Blue Ikat"
These dresses and the rest of the book pubs next MONTH! Check out previews of I Had A Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn. Available for preorder on Indiebound.


JaneA said...

I loooove EB White. Thanks for sharing his essay. I'd never read it before. I also love his guide to English grammar called "The Elements of Style." It's a must read for any author. Love you blog!

Mai Kemble said...

already pre-ordered... :D

I might have to go read some White as well... :)