Fall Is Here

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yes! It is officially FALL! Here is a painting on wrinkly computer paper because I had to capture the feeling without any good paper around...one of those absolutely cozied-out moments, I think McPartland's cover of "A Ship Without a Sail" was on, smell of possibility was in the air, bright colors floated in my mind, left over back to school jitters shivered. I tried to capture it via a lime-yellow park, school bus, Mary Janes and composition notebook. Ohhhh there is nothing like Fall in the city!

Happy new season to you. Enjoy it where you are

Put on your jacket and take a walk.
The first day of fall is here...
You can hide in a pile of leaves.
But not for long.
Someone is sure to find you!
-The Provensens


Rachel said...

She's lovely and wonderful.

Bob Logan said...

I really enjoy your work, especially this illustration, the toad-in-the-hole, and "DESTROY!" (for "OH NO!").

It's all great! I just wanted to list my favorites.