Breakfast at the 7-Imp Diner

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The magical Jules Danielson interviewed me at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Click here if you want to read. I am so honored to be sharing the breakfast table with her! A million thanks, Jules. Surprise treat: also joining us are lovely authors, Cecil Castellucci and Erica Perl!

P.S. Breakfast regret: I have since acquired a grown-up coffee addiction so I'm bummed I ordered mint tea and didn't get to drink out of that imaginary little coffee cup (above) she always puts on each interview. Darn. I bet she makes a good brew too!

P.P.S. ULTRA SECRET: Jules revealed to me her own breakfast of choice, which I'd always wondered about. It's a "toad-in-the-hole"!



Molls said...

Yay Julia!! LOVED reading your interview! So fun!! :)

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Oh thanks! Yummy breakfast.

And the interview was my pleasure.

Chad W. Beckerman said...

Nice work! You are a good interview for sure.

Shirley said...

Wonderful interview! Your illustrations are full of energy and warmth. Can't wait to see the new books in person!