Stretch 2: Color fever!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Too much has been happening on the visual front for the past month to put most of into words quite yet... Learning at high speeds from the intense relationship between color, shape, and pattern. My whole life, when I've been stuck on an art problem, sometimes I'd wake up with the visual "answer" materialized vividly for me in the last seconds of a dream before waking up. I realized I'd finally hit a little art peak after weeks of chasing pattern, when I woke up with the clear view of this (below) one morning last week:

You have to see how absolutely thrilling/frightening this is for a lifelong drawer: running to my drawing table to lay in chunks of color? sitting at my desk trying to get pattern ideas out? letting the line go? For the first time in my life I feel that visceral "need to get it out" art feeling, drawing aside. Now all I want to do is place colors together and watch them vibrate and be. I'm sure it will be informing my color palettes in my client work soon. I also think Hawaii blew my color mind a little. It's even got me contemplating going back to school for some textile design courses...?

Anyway, here are some odds and ends. I feel like I'm equally losing it as well as FINALLY finally getting to the meat of something, who knows:

P.S. I've just bought Jonsi's (from Sigur Ros) new album, Go. Painting to it is incredible!


Lauren Castillo said...

Love seeing these color and pattern sketchbook pgs :) AND, I just bought Jonsi's new album, too! It IS incredible!!

anne said...

somehow i missed this amazing post ~ so transparent & wonderful of you to share ~ keep letting the color & pattern & shapes out, Julia!!! they are beautiful treasures from within.
xo, anne

Amanda WG said...

ahhhh been meaning to comment on this as well. such energetic color stretches! i go crazy with highlighters a lot....or crayons. its nice when you have to be bold, and when you are free to be! stretches/sketches are always my favorite form of artwork (by others and myself).

on another note, i went to school for textile design if you'd ever like to chat about that sort of stuff :)