At work:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shh! You spied Alice McKinley on my desk! We've been hanging out a lot since I've started working on a series of covers for this classic series . It's made for some sweet summer reading–I recommend. I Alice M.


Ben Hatke said...

What a great little look at your desktop. and a nice drawing. said...

thanks Ben!

Mark Armstrong said...

Hi Julia,

Probably the wrong place to ask this, but: Loved your Seven Impossible Things interview and was intrigued by your statement that you sometimes scan your watercolor drawings and then "add the line back in in Photoshop"-- or words to that effect.

If I may ask: How do you do that exactly? Have you previously selected your original line drawing and saved it as a channel? And then you load that into your scanned watercolor?

You also mentioned adjusting the line weight in Photoshop-- "playing around until you get it right." I'd certainly be interested in hearing more about how you approach that, too, if you'd care to share additional details.

Love your work and fluid, breezy style.

Cheers from New Hampshuh! (like Boston, only, uh, more sophisticated... : )