Winter Work

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Helloooo out there! How are you?...I regret I cannot share any of the work from the 2 completed picture books yet or the Audrey one (almost done!) so here is a personal sketch. I think her name is Chloƫ and she should be wearing peacock blue. One thing I can't wait to do, when the work is done: WRITE stories!

P.S. Music is my fuel for every single painting. Any audio suggestions are welcome, what are you listening to?


Unknown said...

Okay, well, you went and opened a proverbial can of worms with the music question. I can't work without it. So, even though I'm a dude, and granted, I don't know you from Adam, I thought I'd drop a few names on you that you just might like: A Fine Frenzy, Gary Go, Kate Earl, Lykke Li, Nerina Pallot, Erin McCarley, Maria Mena, Camera Obscura, and I actually think you would like Lenka (heck, you may even look a little like her). said...

wow, thank you so much Sean! I'll check them out right away.

Cassandra Mortmain said...

I've been listening to a bunch of things, but I bet you'd particularly enjoy The Weather Station and The Low Anthem. You can hear "East," my favorite Weather Station song, right here: