Olden Days

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another discovery from the basement (see below). I wouldn't have so much fun playing every day for work, if it weren't for these people- my Pocca and Pop pop. Here in our first house on the coast of CT, we grew up with my grandparents living upstairs. There were good times and hard times in this old weathered house, but I wouldn't have traded away any of what came along with them; singing old Southern rounds which Pocca taught us to sing together, sipping Coca Cola through straws, and inventing "pass around stories", which Pop Pop excelled at. Our grandparents had as much fun playing pretend as we did. I've got the umbrella; my sister, Christa, has my dad's shoes on (and the BEST expression); sister, Anna, is in her little eggshell-blue hoodie. Lots and lots of love from this front porch in CT, having a "grand ol' time"<3

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Annie Patterson said...

wow, what a precious photo! It looks like a fun home to grow up in. :) Your previous post is great, too.