Career Day

Friday, May 16, 2008

I've had a feeling I'd be doing this since I was about 5.

This was on the cover of my first "book". It was a book made in my free time, which we had tons of in first grade. I rallied my desk buddies to "publish" a picture book together. We fought over who would write it and who would "ileastratide" it. I had heard wild rumors of a machine in the teachers' coffee room that could PRINT. It was a magical publishing machine, and I implored the assistant to please make as many copies as possible of this story on her break, since this was a serious endeavor. She didn't seem excited by her ability to publish our book (make copies) and I honestly didn't understand why. What a bored grown up.

I remember getting them back feeling a little let down that they weren't bound with jackets, but I was still mighty satisfied with stapled packets. I have been on a literal mission since then. I found this last weekend, while visiting my family in CT, on a late night search for old forgotten treasures in the basement. Look at that crazy Ed up there! He must be furious about being sent to his room, he looks downright maniacal. Ok, off to make some "dener."


Kate said...

Funny how the universe works. I think it was all meant to be!

Jackie Parker said...

That's such a great story, Julia!

Angela said...

I am seeing this post "late" as you linked to it in a recent post. This is just about the greatest thing ever!! It's kind of a shame how growing up changes the way we perceive the world around us. To think - a copier being thought of as some magical machine!