Meeting Provence

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm going to start scanning recent sketch pieces to get some personal work up here... the spontaneous stuff that doesn't always end up in the portfolio.

When I am in the groove, it's always a surprise when I flip to a new sheet of paper and someone abruptly shows up on it! This is the most delicious part of creating for me, feeling like a little channel for people and ideas from other places and times to just filter right through. And then I meet them! Sometimes we make friends right away, sometimes things need to be worked out a little longer. The journey of a character is something very special to me, from conception to final paint.

I wonder what Provence is up to. I imagined she probably just got back from a hazy spring walk and is looking for a glass of water, but is surprised to be met by visitors in their carriages at the front of her house. Duh. Duh. DUHHHH. What's next?

Ok... returning to Earth...need to answer some emails :)


jeremy melton said...

Beautiful work! Very well done!

Bob Logan said...

Very nice! Makes me want to break out the Moleskines again!