Springtime In the Portfolio

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Before I start my painting today, I wanted to share Emily and her fat old cat, Mimo. They are new to my online portfolio (the latest from a batch of Sleepover book 5).

I've added a few new things to the portfolio too, did some spring cleaning (a GIANT thank you to Anthony at Shannon Associates). Things are growing, with the production of a lot of work for new assignments, a ton of learning and experimenting, and differing art direction from piece to piece.

Recently, each addition to my portfolio seems to be an extension of a developing style, based on the need for a particular voice for each story. From Pony the Hat, to the Riven Kingdom cover for Little Brown, to the cover for Scholastic's Sunny Holiday, they all seem to be working in dispersing directions. Perhaps they are just new little buds all growing toward the same light -time will tell. I am excited to watch where I am directed to next, without holding any reins too tightly. It is exhilarating for me to work in a range of voices. I love to keep all of it pliable and fertile; keeping style a living and breathing thing of its own.

I wonder if this piece today will give me another little clue as to where this little garden is growing to.


e.b. goodale said...

the portfolio looks great! i have to admit thought that all my favorite images of yours were on the last page! I especially love that one with the lady bending down to the two cats. Why haven't I seen that before?!

Kate said...

Marvelous Jules! I am excited to see where this garden is growing too. Isn't it exciting when your soul seems to be flying in new directions?


Annie Patterson said...

Cute cute drawing! I love the cat, and you are so good at drawing kids. The way you combine the digital colage patterns with your watercolors is so awesome. Congrats!

Unknown said...

The portfolio is amazing. I love this piece!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

This image prompted me to check out your portfolio... which is NO JOKE! VERY, very impressive. You squeeze a lot of expression and warmth out of those lines!