Post-Bunny Party Post

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hi there. So the cake came out well (look at the face slice!) Everyone really got into the theme with things brought and given and eaten. But really, the bunny to inspire it all was Marshmallow.

There were interesting gifts, including a tiny bunny in a cage from friend Emily, the book Prairie Girl's Guide to Life- Pioneer Project for the Modern Girl from sister Christa (right up our Frontier-loving alley) and many other thoughtful things. Look at the picture of the bag my friend Lee made for me. He put crazy leaping bunnies all over it and included a tag with the best rabbit story he wrote as well. Thanks everyone :)

On the work front: working on updating the portfolio again, working on new book covers, picture books. Had a great meeting at Candlewick this morning to go over my dummy. The book arrives in 2010!


Annie Patterson said...

Happy Birthday Julia! Your cake and party look so nice. :) Looking forward to seeing more of youre new work.

e.b. goodale said...

"face slice" would be a good band name. said...

thanks annie :)

you too, i can't wait to see some finished watercolors from your book!