One Book Done!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pant pant... deadlines and art. Satisfying when it's all ready to go out there!

I think I was rendering a pant leg in my dream last night! Cross hatching in graphite was definitely in there somewhere. Meeting many deadlines had me up till the wee hours, and I mean very wee. Now up with the sun to the next project so I can maybe MAYBE make it to the Society of Illustrators galla tonight- the annual Original Art show. The Grammy's for picture-bookers. Going to check out yum originals, hopefully. I would love to see some brilliant work. Check out Fuse #8 for a cool invite to not only another KidLit Drink Night, but a post Society Show one, with a proposed raffle for a piece of art for Robert's Snow! Woo!

Wish me luck, if I get all my work done: sketch revisions, redrawing final art for a movie! (news later) and sweeping the ashes from the fire, I may get to the Society in time for the stroke of midnight. Now if the UPS pumpkin would just show up! I need to mail my finished book!


Josephine Cameron said...

Congratulations on the finished book...really *really* exciting!

Annie Patterson said...

Yes! Congratulations!! :)

katy Horan said...

Hi Julia! Thanks so much for your insight into the issue that we all face! It has been really helpful to me to know that there are others going through the same thing.

By the work is really lovely. Congrats on finishing!

Lauren Castillo said...

Hello, Julia!

Thanks so much for the very kind words about my book. It was so nice to hear from a MA. book store representative, and to know WEDNESDAYS has traveled that far north :-)

I just checked out your site, and really like your drawing! Also, I see you are reped by Shannon Associates. Do you by any chance know Allan Comport? He was an old teacher of mine, and art rep. from their D.C. office.

Anyhow, thanks again for popping in to the blog, and best of luck to you on your projects!


Josephine Cameron said...

Hi Julia.
I replied to your comment on my blog but realized you may not see it there...I just had to tell you that there is an actual LadyLovelyLocks website out there with an entire forum (granted only a few posts) devoted to costumes from the show. What a hoot!

p.s. I came across your work while working on features for the Robert's Snow auction. I love your style & am now an avid fan!