Wellingtons and Kittycats

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Right now, I'm in one of those peaceful Saturday evenings. The kind that decide to keep you in because there is much to be done in the quiet. So, here I am, at my desk, listening to Clive Carroll, a new British discovery- beautiful guitarist. So with Clive for company, I finish up a promotional picturebook/coloring book for a luxury condominium complex going up in the upper east side NYC sometime soon. Sounds caaaarrrazy and market-driven, but this project has been such fun and quite the opposite.

I was allowed a lot of freedom with the advertising client I worked with, they have been amazing. Freedom is so important, though I know much of it is forfeited when you are young and just getting your bearings (or learning how to grow some claws and fight for your vision). Luckily, I had no opposition this time to any kneesocks, bobbed haircuts, flowered Wellingtons or fun gesture.

This is a sample from the inside cover page (click on to enlarge!). Above the girls, there will be a spot for the child coloring to put his or her name.. "This Book Belongs To".. I really hope some little guy (or girl) will have some fun coloring while Mom and Dad sign papers to their new home.

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