Vacation ?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hum dee dum...This is my "vacation" week. I scrambled to grab some days which I told myself would serve as a break. Still, it is QUITE chilly out...I'm talkin' -9 degree windchill here in Somerville, MA. Not a very warm vacation, but a good excuse to finally doodle on my own, and do some personal work that's been waiting in line behind jobs. I guess that's me up there scribbling in knee socks.

Very fun piece of information! Just secured a job today for Weekly Reader's teen lit magazine offshoot, called READ. The subject? Anne of Green Gables (yahoo! time to be 12 again :) Prince Edward Island, here I come! Ah, daydreams...I hope all of you are having a marvelous week.

Cinnamon Lesson #2 : Sometimes one needs to flop about in the grass before setting to work. Eat a few thistles. Sniff the wind. Tunnel through alfalfa hay. Dig in the dirt. Enjoy oneself for a bit. No harm done in that.

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