Freshest Edge

Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's crunchy out. The sun is in your eyes, ice is underfoot. City people hurry by, faces wound in scarves. We are on the freshest edge together, newly whet by winter.

Isn't it exciting? There is hope on this edge, that things can change, that we can shape our own little worlds. It's fresh and clean and everything is've got new ideas, (new socks, maybe), new plans, new hopes. It's a time for travel, opening the eyes (I've been keeping my eyes on this important movement), learning a language, reading deeply, and dreaming long dreams, interior adventures, interior decorating, prayer, nesting, gathering friends and family to light up the corners.  It flavors your back-to-work tasks with possibility, re-enlivens your livelihood.

My sister, Christa, aptly dubbed it, "home keeping/possible magical worlds season"...YES. (She always says it best.) I like the in-between-seasons, maybe even more than the main events. I think it's because of their quiet power. It's when all the secret work is being done before something is ready to bloom....

As far as seasonal nesting, my eyes always return from break fixed on pattern and color. I've been aiming to surround us in delft blue and Scandinavian pattern. I love how pattern can turn a corner into a "place" with a story of its own. Another domestic-cozy goal has been to create a homemade "hearth" for folks to sit around. We started to bring it to life this week (and escaped a fire emergency!) At least I can pretend it's the real thing. Isn't it neat what a little dancing flame can to a dark room (and cat)?

(Woah, fire hazard, we are working on this!)

Right now is also a time of visual starkness. Color and imagination are VERY powerful because of that. The palette here in Quincy is gull-gray, white, and sharp sea blue. Stories are clearer and louder against those colors. Dream-life seems to mix with real-life too...a winter alchemy. I always dream vividly when the new year begins, too. Do you? The past few nights mine have been full of symbols, adventures, tunnels and good advice from strangers (is it weird to dream of strangers?) Every dream has been focusing around the prospect of "being ready"...(I hope this is a good thing!)  I think it's all part of the humming work that has begun. Here's a doodled symbol from a dream: full of roses.

So Happy New Year, friends! And vivid dreaming too! I hope you are refreshed and ready for it. Can't wait to watch it bloom together, I think it's gonna be a good one.


Nina Crittenden said...

Happy New Year, Julia!
You have such a gift for finding beauty and creating beauty in the world, right down to your adorable boots!
May 2013 bring you all good things! xoxo said...

Haha, thanks Nina! You too. P.S. I'm afraid the boots aren't very practical ;) I hope your New Year is full of good good creative things!

Unknown said...

Hey Julia!
I'm a vivid reader of your lovely blog. So I decided to stop by and send you a message to say hello.
I found your work while googling about Audrey two years ago. So I felt in love with your lovely illustrations! You captured her essence so deeply. So I bought Audrey's book and it's really a good one!
I love your watercolor illustrations... so simple but incredible in the same time! And It's always a pleasure to read your inspiring posts. Thank you!
Happy new year! And I can't wait to hear more news about your new book project!
xo said...

Hi Aline! Hello and thanks for the nice note! Thank you too for the kind words about Audrey. I'm so glad you enjoy the book, it was so much fun to study such an inspiring lady and try to paint her.

So glad you popped by :)

Happy New Year to you!