Almost Fall

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hey ladies & gents!

Been busy with art & life, so it's been a little quiet round the blog. Also, while we weren't looking... Fall has slowly whispered in!

I get the feeling that Fall does the bulk of its work in the morning...flavors the sun with "back to school" and adds a handful of crispy leaves to sidewalks, before slipping back under the shade of the trees and forfeiting the rest of the day to Summer.

It's a fun in-between time of year when you can hear cicadas out the window, while biting into a Paula Red. Color is about to explode and sing all over the highways on our drives to and fro. Isn't it funny how we are amazed each time the seasons change over, as if it's never happened before? It's like a little spell cast on New Englanders.

Can't wait.


Bob Logan said...

Those are probably the coolest trees I've seen in a while! (I miss fall). Our only reminders in Southern Cal are shorter days, school, and Monday Night Football. said...

Yes, but your climate has its perks too!! (do your remember winter?? :)

Brooke Boynton-Hughes said...

I love your swirly, colorful trees! Hooray for fall!!

Maia said...

Lovely back-to-school images! With the little in her first year of preschool, I find myself very sentimental about the whole back-to-school-time. I think I get more excited than she does about the bike ride to school in the morning!

Anonymous said...

I really love your drawings and your words reflect exactly this period. Fall is a magical season full of many beautiful colours.