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Thursday, November 12, 2009

While I'm working, I thought I'd point your attention to some fancy interviews:

Art director/designer/superman at Abrams, Chad Beckerman (also my swell art director on DOTTY) was just interviewed about his job as a book designer, including some of his well-known covers. Check it out! His Mishaps and Misadventures blog is also very informative, revealing a lot of the super secret behind-the- scenes process for the books he's worked on.

Also in news:

Today author and illustrator, Grace Lin, wrote up a great interview of the lovely staff at the close-to-my-heart indie bookstore, Curious George ! If you ever find yourself on the Red Line T one day, take it to the Harvard stop and visit the shop. As soon as you pop out of the T, you'll glance across the street and see cheery windows adorned in children's books and toys. Everything they say in that interview is true: they are expert and wildly learn-ed bookpeople, and they are passionate about which book they put into your hands. Michelle, GM, can make amazing pom pom Mo Willems pigeons (see above). They all are also very silly, which is very important.

I worked at Curious G for 3 years until freelance became too busy. I'm rusty on my book inventory now, but I still know where on the shelves Corduroy and Eloise live. I learned so much during my time there and also met my illustrator buds, Emily and Jess. Now, I like to pop in for much relished visits. Wishing the lovely ladies (and gentlemen) of the "hut" continued success-XO


Three Little Monkeys said...

Thanks, Julia! You are too sweet...and too infrequently visiting!

Mai Kemble said...

is it cliche' to say that this makes me think of "You've Got Mail"?
I love that movie... and I loved both interviews! :)
I am thankful for book-lovers of all sorts!

www.juliadenos.com said...

I'll be in to CG soon ;)

Mai: no need to apologize. That movie is my freak-out guilty pleasure!!

Simply Montessori said...

Do you sell prints of your work anywhere? I'd love to have one of your Cinnamon Rabbit!!!!