Emily McDougal

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I love this time of year. It's a flip-in-your-stomach/fresh-start-feeling. We are back to work, there's hope on the horizon, it's a new year to get to know. I feel like I might be good friends with 2008. My room and workspace has been changed for the better and I'm readying it for the picture book ahead! I hope you've been settling into the new year too (and depending on your location, maybe a bit of this winter thaw).

Here is a piece of the cover I am working on for the Sleepover Squad, I zoomed in and pulled Emily McDougal (of the Squad) and her sleeping bag out before I polish and shine and flatten the whole piece, squeaky clean. I liked Emily here in her gritty green and red so I scooped her out for you. Till next time :)


Unknown said...

You draw kids so well. Really beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hi again, just a note to let you know I'm linking you to my blog. I hope that's OK.

Cassandra Mortmain said...

Hey Julia!

It's Margaret from the George, just dropping by to say hi on my break. Emily looks adorable- if I were 9, I would want her to be my best friend, which I imagine is the point.

At 22, I wouldn't mid babysitting her, but mostly I just want her wellies- especially in this thaw. I wish this weather would last a little longer- much as I love snow, this all has left me so ready for spring. And yet, snow is what we're about to get.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow- and sorry for the comment that's more a novella and less a comment.

Unknown said...

hey grwat stuff! really fun work!

Lauren Castillo said...

Great drawing Julia! I love the sensitivity of your line. Is that pencil with watercolor? or are you using the computer? Look forward to seeing the whole cover!

Unknown said...

Beautiful work! Simply beautiful!
All the best!¡