Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey ya'll. It's been busy so I am sorry for the lack of upkeep. Busy researching, learning, exploring, working on the fourth book in The Sleepover Squad series which comes out this month! I've been absorbing a bunch of new inspiration, mainly from Ilana Kohn, Hiroko Hasegawa, and Clare Turlay Newberry...such different approaches to rendering, shape, line, and control of all of these elements.

Here is an experimental costume piece I did on my own time recently. Playtime!! I did it with watercolor on taped together grey cardstock (yes, not very fancy). I love to look at ethnic dress from parts of the world, and I flipped through my favorite reference book a lot in the making of this girl. The character beside her means, "sister" in Arabic (thanks Mo-D). I imagine her coming from that awesome area in Spain where so many cultures mixed.

I am also working hard on updating my shiny new art from all this year's worth of projects into new pages on my Shannon Associates portfolio. Stay tuned. Hope you are all well.


Anonymous said...

hi there i just wanted to say that i really loved your works and wanted to make a little comment about the word you wrote ,,it means sister not daughter :) I am Saudi and Arabic is my mother language and i really liked the way you did the word you wrote it just like a native Arab :)
if you are interested the right word for daughter is بنت or إبنة wish you all the best and keep up the good work.

www.juliadenos.com said...

hi Mo-D, thanks so much for your correction. i think she is better as sister anyways...so i'll change that. thanks for the kind words and take care!