Sojourner Truth Signing

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey friends! My book signing is taking place in back in my hometown this Saturday! For those of you who might be in the area, or who are planning on coming, here's the scoop:
March 24th @11am
The Alphabet Garden
132 Elm Street, Cheshire, CT 06410.

I hear the weather should be warm! Let's cross the fingers. I will be saying a few words about what it was like to illustrate Sojourner and handing out some coloring book pages for the children attending. I am feeling very grateful for this was wonderful getting to work here as a bookseller now to be returning for a visit like this! Many many thanks to Karlene Rearick :) and the lovely Alphabet Garden.


Crystal said...

Congrats Julia! Have fun tomorrow.

From Christa's friend, Crystal.

Dianne said...

Hi Julia

I did a google search today to see what my friend Julia was up to and happily stumbled upon your blog. Congratulations! on your book and all your exciting projects. I am so pleased that all your hard work, talent and drive is beginning to pay off.

I would love to touch base by e-mail, my e-mail is I wanted to see about hiring you for a special project I am working on - my wedding invitation....

Take care,
Dianne Spatafore