New blog, new book, and Bono?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Welcome! Just beginning this blog, and I am excited for its possibility! Hopefully this will be a space to update friends, family and colleagues on illustration projects (a.k.a what I am actually DOING all the time in my apartment in bunny slippers). Well, I'm just learning to navigate this new boat- the process, the balance of this new career and life, the world- and hopefully we will be learning together.

Ok, let's start!

2 things happened today:
I was revamping the front window at the bookstore I work at, Curious George in Harvard Square. Tiny plush Georges were spilling over my arms, when BONO...yes, Bono of U2 walked in with his publicist. "Ahh, Curious George" he declared, in accent, upon entering. And he was off to peruse...(didn't purchase anything, maybe he just needed his picture book fix like the rest of us). I pranced downstairs after he had smiled and said "goodbye" through Bono sunglasses, and I received a phone message from parents:

My first illustrated book hits stores today!! Sojourner Truth: Path to Glory It's small and simple, but published and ready and sitting in the hands of family in CT, and oh I wish I could see it. This is my first try and what a collaborative effort it was- special shout out the Denos clan. Hmm...I cannot believe I am the little kid dreaming this up with my rabbit in the backyard, but it's reality. It's happening and I'm gonna run with this dream as long as I can.

Cinnamon Lesson #1: Do not underestimate the power of creation within you.


Jason Gray said...

I just stumbled across your site, and I wanted to say that I enjoyed your illustrations (via the gallery's site) very much. And how cool to run into Bono.

Jason Gray

Abz said...

i like ur lesson! :)