Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here's one of the imaginary friends from the cast of DOTTY. She is an especially elusive and bashful'll have to read the book next year to meet (and find!) her.

Are you enjoying fall? I am hoping for a chance between life to somehow go apple picking.

For me, colder weather is jazz-flavored, and for some reason, so is this particular book. So I suppose it is perfectly perfect to be working on it while the leaves turn. I usually break out the Django, but tonight it's Marian McPartland. Ask me what song feels most like picture books and city lights in the fall and I will tell you this particular version of A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square.


Sarah Jane said...

I love that you have music that goes with your illustrating mood. I do the same! I love this character. I can't wait to see the book:)

Julia Denos said...

Hey thanks Sarah! I know, music and illustrating go hand in hand, can't draw without it!

e.b. goodale said...

This is so H A Rey with a little bit of Sniff mixed in! This book seems like it is so much fun.

Terresa said...

Gertie is delightful. Loved this post, it sang to me.