2012 In Green Stripes

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy little new yearrr! How did you ring it in? We celebrated with dear friends, were treated to treats in Liz's farmhouse, I wondered how many New Year's Eve's were celebrated in front of that old hearth and bread stove since the 17th century when it was built...we had 12 skewered blueberries in our champagne glasses, each berry represented a month so we all crossed our fingers for a sweet year! (just a few tart ones!)

Resolving to:

Bake bread once a week.

Invite more COLOR into our home.

Invite more friends and family into our home.

Keep the muscles stretched.

Keep the eyes and mind sharp.

Keep the soul and spirit fed.

Keep trying anything I'm afraid to.

Laugh about it.

What are yours?


e.b. goodale said...

love that little lady!

www.juliadenos.com said...

heh thanks ebg!

Annie said...

eye candy to the max once again! :)

jane kennedy winspear said...

julia, i've recently stumbled upon your images and have fallen in love! they're beautiful! i am smitten by the lovely colors and your impeccable line work! your images in the book "just being audrey" are simply inspiring!

i'm a student studying to become an illustrator myself and saw that you've worked with harper collins publishers!... if you don't mind me asking for a little advice, how did you get involved with them? where did you get your start?! i dream to illustrate for children's literature someday, just as you have, and am so overwhelmed by the entire prospect!

if you have a moment to get back to me i would LOVE to hear from you! HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

jasmine said...

I love the blueberry idea! I'll have to remember that for next year. One of my (million) new year's resolutions is to work with my hands more.

I recently bought your Audrey Hepburn book and saw I Had a Favorite Dress at Anthropologie today. I absolutely love your drawing style and was so excited to find your blog! :)

Annie said...

i keep meaning to come back and say, a Julia art calendar would be really cool!

AMW said...

I am horribly behind on blogland things, but I figured its always better late than never...
I love the lady of the green striped curtains, I love your new year resolutions, I love your ever beautiful work, and I love this fantastic blog of yours. You inspire me!
Happy happy 2012!!

jasmine said...

Oh yes! I agree with Annie. I'd love a calendar!