New art is up!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hey all! Hope the Fourth treated you all well (we had rain! oh well).
I am excitedly heading into some crunch time ahead, equipped with new things learned from the past weeks of experimentation and emersing myself in good art anywhere I could find it. This piece is watercolor underpainting and digital collage/paint, done for a client a few weeks back.
It will be in an inspirational magazine.

This week, my new work on Shannon Associates should be more organized, but until then, take a look at pages 6-11 on my web portfolio.


esillustration said...

this is so beautifully done

Laurie said...

Julia, your work gets better and better every time I see it! We should definitely hang out soon. I'm pretty busy for the next little while, but maybe early August we can meet up and catch a show or go drawing. Hope all is well (but it sure seems like it is!) :) Steph

Coop said...

Oops, that published under my friends name because she was using my computer. The posting above was me. :) Steph Cooper